The company intends to place the customer on top thru highly automatic and contemporary production setup. All the facilities are tuned to focus on the essential elements of Quality, Cost and Delivery.

To achieve a perfectly balanced mix of these, an array of management techniques, lean manufacturing and process control practices are in place. These include Kaizen, Poka Yoke, 5S, SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die), Visual Control, Cell layout and Inventory Management among others.

Press Shop

The company has installed mechanical presses ranging from 30 ton to 800 ton for performing various intricate metal forming operations as per customer requirements.

Satyam has hydraulic presses ranging from 150 ton to 400 ton for deep draw operations. The company has also installed Blanking Line facility to carry out slit-to-width and cut-to-length processes.

  • Manesar Press Shop
  • Die Spotting Press
  • Haridwar Press Shop
  • Blanking Line

Weld Shop

The weld shop is equipped with advanced welding setup. MIG welding robots and MIG welding SPMs are deployed in the weld shop for automated operations. The facility also has Mig brazing, Spot and Projection welding, Seam welding and IT Guns.

In-process checks like Leakage testing and milipore testing are thoroughly conducted for optimal product quality and zero defect final products.

Paint Shop

Satyam has installed a state-of-the-art AUTOMATED CONVEYORIZED A.C.E.D. painting facility at Manesar and Halol. This is unique & latest development in surface coating for two wheeler chassis. At Ludhiana, Satyam has converysized liquid painting and powder coating facilities.


Machine Shop

The machining division deploys ultra-modern machinery comprising CNC Turno mill from Spinner Germany, CNC centreless grinders, CNC cylindrical grinders and multi spindle drilling & reaming machines leading to premium quality product finishes.

CNC Pipe Bending

The company has sophisticated 3 axis / 5 axis CNC Pipe Bending machines with capacity up to 65 mm diameter.

  • 5 axis Pipe Bending
  • 3 axis Pipe Bending