Life @ Satyam

Work Culture @ Satyam or as we say ‘Life @ Satyam’ is relaxed, interesting and knowledge-gathering types.

Here focus is laid on creating an environment which can make employees feel comfortable at work. We also believe in an atmosphere which can create a value proposition for our most important assets- our employees.

While most of the organizations say "people are our greatest asset", in reality very few of them practice it. However, at Satyam we believe that employees are real pillar of support to the company and without them, attaining success can be tough. Hence, our Employee Value Model is designed to provide a richer and more useful measure of the human side of a business with a key focus on enhancing employee worth.

Satyam’s Work Culture has been nurtured on an organizational-commitment-model that defines the strength of our employee's identification, involvement and attachment to Satyam.


We lay special emphasis on

Open-Office Environment

Knowledge Sharing Process

Learning & Development

Employee Support

Career Enhancement & Growth

Employee Rewards

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